Monday, April 27, 2009

Brush Creek Race 2009

One of the highlights of the Kern River Festival is the Brush Creek Races. This year we decided to up the ante a bit by throwing in an extreme slalom in addition to the already popular downriver race.

The Downriver Race is 3+ minutes of slides, falls and fun; the goal being to make it from the start to the finish as fast as possible. Within 15 seconds of the start, you launch of a 12 foot waterfall; after 2 minutes of frantic paddling, you have to negotiate the steepest section of the creek while you are completely out of oxygen - good times!

All Photos Thanks to Ryan Hudson
Marc Vernon headed under the KRBC Banner
The Extreme Slalom took place over a shorter section of river (the previously mentioned steepest section) and required the boaters to negotiate a series of obstacles, including a roll gate and a paddle toss ("The eliminator"). Entertainment ensued...

Paul Armes showing the correct line for the obstacle above the main drop

Impressive, but not the correct negotiation...

A deft paddle toss through the ring of fire (fire not included)

A different approach to the toss through the ring (reverse negotiation optional)

All in all a good time was had by all. The creek was a little low, but the weather was spectacular. If you missed the race this year, you don't want to miss out next year.

Highlights of the weekend include Tanya Faux winning one of the coveted Golden Bootie awards by negotiating “The Eliminator” backwards and then missing her subsequent hand-roll (don’t worry, the appropriate sacrifice ceremony to the river gods was performed at the award ceremony). Also Dan Gavere was able to negotiate the entire TJ Classic Slalom course on his stand-up surfboard; prompting the formation of a stand-up class next year? I would like also like to add that we paddled this weekend in celebration of the life of Jon Burnham.

And now for the long awaited results:

PS if I totally misspelled your name (and I probably did because I can’t read or spell being from Georgia) send me a pm and I’ll fix it.

Brush Creek Downriver Race

Bret Duxbury 3:13.89
Dan Gavere 3:20.27
Spence Joseph 3:20.95 - Jr
Paul Armes 3:22.16
Sean Smith 3:23.43
Tim Lawson 3:25.03
Shawn Bullock 3:25.39
Evan Moore 3:28.20 - Jr
Mike Spradlin 3:28.71
Dave Diller 3:28.98
Marc Vernon 3:33.74
Peter Wiechers 3:43.51
Doug Bouden 3:46.04
Mike Martyr 3:46.47
Joe Carberry 3:51.90
Noah Frazier 3:56.54
Jon Getting 4:02.99
Will Schrodt 4:05.61 -Jr
Andrew Pernicano 4:09.16
Wills Nessle 4:09.48
Sage Thompson 4:10.04
Bryant Burkhart 4:10.94
Alex Morris 4:21.04
Joe Chesney 4:25.63
Jim Schrodt 4:26.02

Tanya Faux 3:17.20
Liz Brackbill 3:54.62
Lynn Siodmak 3:54.63
Ruth Gordon 3:56.94
Jessica Albright 4:46.81
Lesley Butcher 4:53.72

Eric Giddens 3:03.05
Rebecca Giddens 3:17.62
Brush Creek Extreme Slalom

Sean Smith 53.92
Tim Lawson 54.09
Brett Duxbury 62.30
Bryant Burkhart 64.54
Noah Frazier 65.49
Peter Wiechers 67.20
Mike Spradlin 70.20
Paul Armes 70.60
Dave Diller 70.80
Will Schrodt 72.90 – Jr
Joe Chesney 74.00
Evan Moore 75.05 – Jr
Marc Vernon 76.50
Alex Morris 79.30
Jim Schrodt 84.70
Doug Bouden 86.00
Wills Nessle 87.00
Mike Martyr 90.87
Andrew Pernicano 95.50
Sage Thompson 142.40
Spenc Joseph and Jon Goetting – DQ due to skipping the roll gate

Tanya Faux 76.00
Ruth Gordon 84.30
Lynn Siodmak 92.00
Leslie Butcher 93.70
Jessica Albright 111.65
Liz Brackbill 113.70

Eric Giddens 54.09
Rebecca Giddens 57.00

Tim Lawson 54.84
Sean Smith 61.91
Noah Frazier 63.80
Peter Wiechers 69.09
Brett Duxbury 80.52

Tanya Faux 60.52
Ruth Gordon 73.12

Eric Giddens 48.52
Rebecca Giddens 54.55

TJ Classic Slalom

Sean Smith 89.38
Jim Schrodt 91.98
Tim Lawson 94.54
Mike Spradlin 105.60 – DQ from the triple crown due to switching boats
Marc Vernon 107.57
Bryant Burkhart 109.74
Wills Nessle 124.60
Evan Moore 124.78 - Jr
Peter Wiechers 124.87
Noah Frazier 125.50
Paul Armes 128.72
Will Schrodt 135.31 - Jr
Brett Duxbury 168.14
Alex Morris 185.82
Joe Chesney 371.25

Tanya Faux 101.56
Lynn Siodmak 137.32
Ruth Gordon 174.89
Liz Brackbill 235.43
Jessica Albright and Leslie Butcher DNF

Eric Giddens 82.69
Rebecca Giddens 95.28

Shaun Smith 347.04
Tim Lawson 360.06
Marc Vernon 397.81
Paul Armes 401.48
Evan Moore 408.03 - Jr
Peter Wiechers 415.58
Brett Duxbury 424.33
Bryant Burkhart 425.22
Noah Frazier 427.70
Will Schrodt 453.82
Wills Nessle 461.08
Alex Morris 526.16
Joe Chesney 710.88

Tanya Faux 374.76
Lynn Siodmak 463.95
Ruth Gordon 496.13
Liz Brackbill 583.53
Leslie Butcher 387.42 + DNF
Jessica Albright 398.46 + DNF

Eric Giddens 319.83
Rebecca Giddens 349.90
Mike Spradlin 384.51 – moved to the cheaters class due to violation of boat protocol

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