Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fools with Tule(s)

Just got off a great weekend on the Tule (OK so it's pronounced TULEE - still punny stuff); probably the last good weekend of the season on this great drainage. Here are a few pics to share the joy:

Trevor making the move below the "corner pocket"

Rebecca dropping into "wallstreet"

Jake making an appointment with "the chiropractor"

Kevin making the second drop on "two good"

Eric trying to avert "the chiropractor"

Jason probes the "corner pocket" with the blunt

Eric slides the "off ramp" above the "speed trap"

The Tule is almost an amazing section of river. I say almost because as remote as you think you are most of the time, you constantly get reminders that there are some people that have a different opinion of how to enjoy a river. Boulder art, freestyle litter and drunken meditation are how the common river user occupies their time. One of our crew even got a full beer can thrown at them (after politely returning the empty one they tossed in the river). Thanks to the CLM for taking my $5 parking fee (despite my interagency pass) and then locking me in the parking lot at coffee camp a full 3 1/2 hours before the day use area closed. If you are out there CLM, I'm still awaiting an apology... Despite all that, it was a great couple of days on the river. Looking forward to heading back again next year. Cheers!