Sunday, January 2, 2011

Holiday Cheers

Winter weather has come early this year in Kernville. We are already measuring a little over 70% of the April 1 Snowpack in the Southern portion of the Sierra. In the middle of the month we were boating on high water; at the end of the month the snow levels dropped, so it was time to break out the skis. We got a couple of nice adventures in; one on Christmas Eve and another on New Year's Eve. We just wanted to share a couple of pictures celebrating the close of 2010 with good friends and an amazing place we are lucky enough to call home.

Rebecca and Rose getting ready for a Giant Adventure

Playing Reindeer Games with the General Sherman Tree in the background

The only way to travel

Lunch at Congressional Grove

Pass the Holiday Cheer Please!

Merry Christmas Rick!

Rebecca and Rick are both expecting?!

Unlike the trees themselves, seeing Giant sequoia's never gets old.

The End of Another Great Day in the Southern Sierra

Andrew and Mark Scouting the Ascent

20 Minutes into the 2+ hour Climb

Keji Finds a Better Route

The Definition of a Blue-Bird Day

Nearing the top of the Embry Bowl

Andrew Earning his Turns

Lindey Perfecting the Sitzmark

Some Icicles on a Limestone Formation

Self Portrait - I call this one "Happy"

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