Thursday, June 18, 2009

More Kaweeeeeah Action

Yep, another day on the Kaweahs - East Fork one day, Hospital Rock the next; Doesn't get much better for back-to-back day trips. There's lots of info out there on the East Fork, so I won't bore you with the details; just wanted to put up some pics of a really fun couple of days with Rebecca, Jason, Trevor and Geno. There are a few shots that are definately worth looking through, including a nice sequence of Trevor's eventful run through triple drop. The rest are a hodgepodge of shots while we scrambled for cameras between drops. Enjoy!

For those who might be interested in getting on this run this year, or at a later date, the flow peaked at 850 cfs at Three Rivers the day these photos were taken. If you are doing this run earlier in the year you might want higher flows at Three Rivers (due to the fact that the North and Sout Forks are contributing more water in the Spring). On the downside of the spring melt, you are looking for peak flows in Three Rivers anywhere between 650 and 1000.

Disclaimer: This is my subjective opinion having never run the East Fork at low flows. I have, however, put on at 1100 on the downside of peak flows and I can attest that it gets pretty burly - especially if it might be your first time down. FYI, the double secret probation gauge above the put-in bridge apparently read a fairly constant flow (no big diurnal) of aroung 165 cfs. For those who know, this corresponded to the water level being solidly in the notch, lapping 2-4 inches higher. Note: Summer of 09 was not a typical high Sierra year with cold weather and copious thunderstorms in May/June. Hope that helps... All information garnered in this blog may or may not be appicable to said unavigable waterway.

Let the boofs begin - Trevor catches air

The dicey seal-launch

The drop right below the dicey seal launch - which looms in the crack just up and to the right

Then back to the fun stuff...

Rebecca enters the sweet double drop

from below

Eric in the sweet Double Drop

Tim easily gets right

Rebecca also gets right

Eric entering Triple Drop


Fighting left through the boil

Finding the Slot on the Left

Lining up the third drop for...

One last face shot...

Happy Ending...

Trevor Enters Triple Drop


not where you really want to be...

entering drop 2...

some action...

Then out of drop 2...

Not done yet...

The finale

All in all, a very stout run through T-drop. Not sure I would have pulled it off without a good bootie beer...

A quick stop for lunch where we had a scaley friend to keep us company

Now I always loose focus when people write stuff on their blogs; unless I really know them, all I really want to see are the rad pictures. You might think I'm shallow and unintersting (and I am), but mainly I just have a very short attention span. Anyway, I'm going to interupt the shiney, colorful kayak porn for a second here to interject how much I really really like this run. If you take a second to look past the whitewater in each of these pictures, you'll see a really, really beautiful canyon; not only that, but those of us who have had to hike out know it is "effectively" remote as well. That said, the East Fork has something for everyone; if you want to go big there is Triple Drop, Deadwood, Baby Hook and Skyhook - If you don't, there are lots of great class V drops and a few poison Oak infested portages. Serious Sierra Goodness if you ask my opinion - which you didn't, but your at my blog...
And back to the action:

Jason lays it down old-school

Trevor sliding out the first slide in the slide gorge

Jason on the second slide - go between the Moose Knuckles

and sliding...
and sliding...

Tim lining up the overhang
not the smoothest slide on the East Fork

Garreth from the East Coast digging the East Fork

Tim rounding the corner

Happy People

Part II - Hospital Rock 4.9 ft on the Hospital Rock Gauge (more like 4.7 above the diversion, which was not pulling out the max cfs)

Tim not getting beat down in Baby Niagra

Trevor exiting 420 rapid
Garreth, Laura and Rebecca chillin in 420 gorge
Tim on Table Rock Falls

Tim exits the bird bath
Geno on the superstar boof
Eric at about 20 on zero to sixty

Trevor exceeds 55
Bootie Beers all around - for Geno

and a well deserved one for Trevor - not for T-drop (which for the record was not a swim), but for baby Niagra - a nice welcome to Hospital Rock...

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